About Us

They say we’re a bunch of smug, tech-happy audiophiles high on great sound with piles of gear that we swap in-and-out at every whim.

We’re not smug.

We’re like you; we love high-end audio gear, especially the kind of high-performance digital gear we make in Roseville, CA. In fact, we were the first company to tell the world, “24/192 doesn’t cut it. If you want digital audio to sound like its analog counterpart, you have to start at 32 bits and 384 kHz.”

We were laughed at for the first couple of years. We carried our 75 pound Da Vinci DAC to every trade show the world offered. Airlines hated us. Our chiropractors loved us. And once enough people had listed to our R2R groundbreaker, we were vindicated.

We’re not stopping. In fact, we’re upping the ante. We’re taking all the tech we developed for our $30K+ devices, and we’re squeezing it into affordable portable and desktop gear. Will we be laughed at? Probably. But it’s cool.

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Who Are We?

Our company is led by founder, Larry Ho, and founding employee, Gavin Fish.

These guys have been here since the beginning. It was Larry’s vision to make the world’s first 32/384k DAC that turned the industry on its ear. Gavin was the guy that was able to get people to buy it.

Today, this duo leads a team of 40+ engineers, marketers, designers, and assemblers that are responsible to developing, building, and selling our awesome doodads.

Our first sale happened in Peoria, IL in January of 2012. Since then, our products have found homes on every continent on Earth. Yes, even Antarctica.

You can find our products in the showrooms of some of the finest shops in the world, from New York to Copenhagen to Taipei, and everywhere in between. We love working with brick-and-mortar dealers in the US, and distributors overseas.

Give us a shout if you’d like to talk about carrying Light Harmonic gear in your shop, or if you need a referral to have a private listening session. Gavin and his team are ready to help.

The engineering team is Larry’s baby. When he refers to them this way, we all agree that they’re a bunch of babies.

So we give them they’re space. We also give them a lot of Mountain Dew and Sour Patch Kids. In turn they design some crazy awesome stuff that we’re proud to sell and you’re proud to own.

Manufacturing of Sire DAC and Da Vinci DAC MKII happens right here in the U-S-of-A. Specifically, in Roseville, CA.

Suppliers from all over the US get us our internal parts and machinists in the Rocky Mountain West get us our chassis. Then three guys take turns putting them all together by hand. Their hands are so steady, they hand solder even the tiniest cap or resistor in place.

Manufacturing of our LightSpeed USB cables is done in Shen Zhen and then shipped to Roseville for final assembly and quality assurance.

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Where Are We?

Corporate Headquarters
920 Reserve Drive, Suite 160
Roseville, CA 95678

Voicemail: (888) 842-5988
Email: info{at}lightharmonic.com

Engineering Laboratory
2081 Center St. #124
Berkeley, CA 94704

Voicemail: (510) 545-9886

Area No.44, Tian-Hong Smart Hardware Zone, Bao-An District
Shen Zhen City, Guan Dong Province, China